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Before the Glasgow Gorillas was started, the Glasgow Climbing Centre ran a youth performance squad for young talented climbers. These young climbers loved climbing but, as much as they wanted to, they were never given the opportunity to try climbing outdoors.

So, the head coach for the youth squad and a few enthusiastic parents got together to look at our options, and we decided to do it ourselves. We set up the Glasgow Gorillas purely as a way to get these children out on some real rock. But the club was to become so much more than that.

Originally called the Glasgow Youth Outdoor Climbing Club, we opened our doors to all youth climbers outside of the performance squad. We asked them to suggest a new name and The Glasgow Gorillas was officially born.

Since 2015 we have run outdoor climbing trips every month (weather permitting), to climbing venues across Scotland. We have made many visits to local outcrops as well as arranging trips into the mountains of Skye and Torridon, with an average of 15 children joining us each time. In 2018 we ran a coaches training workshop for our older members who now volunteer their time to coach the youngest climbers in our indoor sessions. This gives them a chance to challenge their own knowledge and skills but also to build on crucial communication skills, confidence and leadership skills. Three of these coaches have now used this as a stepping stone to gain employment at the Glasgow Climbing Centre.

We have all learned so much in the last few years and hope to use this knowledge to push the Gorillas to new success. In 2019 we will be opening up an adult section of the club, and Glasgow’s first Paraclimbing club.

The Glasgow Silverbacks are an adult only, climbing focused club. While there are many hillwalking and mountaineering clubs in and around Glasgow, there is not a club that focuses just on climbing, so the majority of climbing wall users dont have a club that offers progression in climbing an a social setting.

The Silverbacks host weekly indoor and outdoor climbing trips, and offer a wide range of skills courses aimed at improving performance and knowledge to become better and safer climbing, indoors and out.

The Glasgow Gorillas Paraclimbing Club is a fully inclusive club for those with an additional support needs.

We run weekly indoor climbing sessions using trained staff and experienced volunteers to offer climbing to all those with additional support needs, both mental and physical.

We love giving climbers the opportunity to get outdoors and learn new skills, and by being the first club in Scotland to expand in the way we are, we hope to be the gold standard for climbing clubs in Scotland.


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